For maximum security ❝Real Name Verification❞ is mandatory.

 1. All members must scan & attach a valid government-issued; passport (open to the 2 full ID pages signed) OR Driver's License clearly (front & back).





2. Provide a clear closeup.

HOLD UP VAILID NEXT TO FACE. Attach securely to Form below sent directly to the President of Rupii™ .


 3. Fill out Member Submission Form Below and have step 1 & 2 completed in advance.

This process is for your absolute protection to ensure all deals are secure and for benefit of the community's absolute safety--  ALL DEALS ARE SAFE DEALS.

What happens to your documents?


All documents are saved in an offline databank and transmitted

safely encrypted.

 Kindly, review Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. with questions.




Certifed Elite



-Carl Wynn, Domain Investor


Republic of United Professional Internet Investors

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