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The Richest City In the County for The 4th Year in A Row ❞- Bloomberg & Forbes®


Atherton, California [Silicon Valley], just topped Bloomberg's Richest 100 Places for the fourth year in a row. The Silicon Valley suburb's average household income is over $525,000, and it's the only town to top the half-million mark in the rankings. If you're wondering about housing prices, Zillow reports the cheapest house on the market there is $2.5 million. Scarsdale, New York, and Hillsborough, California, rounded out the top three. To compile the list, Bloomberg analyzed inflation-adjusted data for all U.S. locations with a minimum of 2,000 households. 


*Atherton, CA real estate increases in value approximately 40% each year.


Sources: Forbes®, Bloomberg® & Business Insider®






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