Nearly 2 Decade Aged TLD Once a Business Website Domain 

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❝PensionEZ [was] a user-friendly pension administration software that tracks members' contributions and retirement benefit information. Many of the day-to-day pension office activities can be managed in the application. The application enables the administrator to do many common activities like benefit processing, payroll processing, cola processing, interest processing easily with a few clicks. The highlight of the product is the ease at which many benefit calculation scenarios can be done... ❞

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(2001-2015 well over a decade of retirement commerce business administration software official website domain name)


Brief Overview of Historical Data [created 2001] nearly 2 decades aged was once fully functioning  commerce business  [administration software] providing several retirement member services holding multiple official Gov't USPTO trademarks from July 2002- May 2013 [™abandoned-dead] which included PensionEZ™, Graphics™, Logos™,Bumper Stickers™, Symbols™, Paper Coupons™, ETC (too many to list) for well over a decade while continued to be managed & updated well into 2015 un-trademarked by the original filling Indus Mokshum, LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY continued legal DN ownership by the original  LLC & multiple Official Trademark filings became official in 2002 (website was created 2001 &  launched from 2002-2015) Gov't UPSTO [updated daily & current on February for 25th 2020].  Less 1 year later acquired by Rupii, LLC in 2016--  zero DN drop(s) from nearly 20-Years of creation. . There is no infringement aka cybersquatting consequence to acquiring a once active business  deemed legally  by Gover't USPTO as "Abandoned & All Trademarks now DEAD]--  more information below. 
Visit United States Patent and Trademark Office online  Trademarks > Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) Records List as part of your due diligence practiced by the few, yet all professional Domain Name Speculators/Investors as an industry hallmark. 
*Fact: The LLC continued to redesign and update a fully functioning website even when trademark expired up until 2015 which is deemed legal without ™.*/ >> Source:  >>

• Two Owners now all legal registrant right acquired by Investor Rupii, LLC 2016.
• Nearly 2 Decades Aged (created 19-years + ago)
• Once commerce business PensionEZ™holding multiple Trademarks for PensionEZ™,Graphics™ (as seen above is now Startup Trademark (™) Ready as per Gov't USPTO TESS • Final Gov't Official Status: once [Live] now [DEAD]
• Private acquisition of legal ownership rights of in 2016 to Rupii, LLC/ with plans to build website.
• Kindly, note this is a very short term window to acquire with rare natural traffic/revenue.
• Multi-Lingual Top-level Premium Domain Name [.com]


*Word Translation of PENSIONEZ(.COM)


❝Mildred abia așteaptă să mă Pensionez. ❞


❝Mildred can't wait for my Retirement. ❞


• Nearly 2 decades aged

• High RPM Keyword

• Brand-able, aged, Traffic, Revenue, Unforgettable 

• Investor/Seller: Rupii, LLC/

• Niche: Retirement IRA, Startup, Finance, & more

$30,000.00 Regular Price
$10,000.00Sale Price

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